"Until undergoing treatment from Dr. Bob Ratzow I was severely disabled and housebound. A college sports injury dislocated my shoulder and my rib cage and over the course of twenty-four years my spine became critically twisted. Although I received care from over twenty chiropractors and numerous types of body workers in those years, none were able to address the underlying causes of my my pain and dysfunction. Then on top of musculoskeletal problems, four years ago I sustained severe whiplash. My neck was bowed sideways and my adrenals began to shut down from the severity of the injury. I went to several types of physicians, but none were able to help me and the pain became incapacitating. 

It was the last chiropractic doctor I was seeing that referred me to Dr. Bob Ratzow. The chiropractor was having trouble making progress with my case and told me that Dr. Ratzow had success working with severe trauma patients like myself. At our first visit Dr. Ratzow was able to identify the major subluxations causing problems, including a rotated vertebra in my lower back. Along with chiropractic manipulative therapies, Dr. Ratzow employed a variety of soft tissue and energy work modalities. Over time we were able to rotate my rib cage back into position and align my neck and spine.

Beyond the top-notch physical techniques Dr. Ratzow employed, he also provided the support necessary to assist me in healing corresponding issues on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. For the past four years, he has been the doctor I consider to be my primary care physician and I have rarely seen another practitioner for care. Not only have my musculoskeletal problems been addressed, many other chronic debilitating health conditions that I was suffering from have been resolved as well.

Dr. Ratzow is thoughtful, patient, compassionate, and kind. Not only is he the best chiropractor that I have ever been to, he is one of the most advanced human beings I have ever met. Working with him has been a profoundly spiritual experience. I have gone from being nearly crippled and bed bound (to the point at which it looked like I would need home nursing care) to where I am now: happy, glowing with health, able to enjoy life, and once again a contributing member of society. In my estimation, Dr. Bob Ratzow is nothing short of a miracle worker." -RR

"Dr Bob, thank you for being so careful with me, and so kind; thank you for providing me with safety. Few have understood this, and I just cannot have it any other way at this point in my recovery; in my life. I greatly appreciate you, and you will have strawberries tomorrow; they will be all yours, unless you choose to do otherwise with them. Do have a tremendously wonderful week—and, between you and Kipp? There’s some magic going on—I’m not quite sure what it is just yet, but I’ll eventually figure it out. Of course, both of you know this already. I’m confident of that." 

"Dr Bob, thank you for always being so kind to me—and for helping me get rid of this pain that has been lingering, rather harshly, for more than two years. Thank you, too, for the lovely music, and for being a teacher. (I’m actually going to go do some research on Sun Dances…I’m intrigued.)" 

"Dr Bob…I feel both humbled and blessed to have you providing me with healing—and hope. I practice everything that you instruct me to do—all of the visualization; all of it. Today was wonderful…such a beautiful shade of green—and, peace. I didn’t quite realize how much peace I had removed from my life during the past 30 months." 

"Dr Bob…thank you for your care and kindness. I truly appreciate you. (I also love getting my neck adjusted because it feels wonderful!) I’m breathing a little more easily, and the hug didn't hurt one bit. This makes me happy, but I’m still a little emotional…two sides of the emotional coin, both at the same time. Who knew? 

I wish for you a peaceful, remaining week, and a restful weekend—simply filled with joy. I hold tremendous gratitude for you agreeing to be a participant in my quest for survival—on my terms. I don’t know what else to call it.

Until next week…"

"Dr Bob, I never leave your office without “something” that I can incorporate into my life. Call it wisdom. Call it a teaching. Call it a proverb. I really don’t care what it’s called—because it is so comforting to me and for me. Thank you so much for helping to heal my soul, along with my body. 

I’m going to work on staying in the moment; I am going to breathe; I am going to envision every journey I have experienced in your office—and, I am going to work on worrying less, and less. I want peace; I want some lightness."

"Dr Bob, thank you for helping me see that it’s just not too late to experience lightness and joy—and happy cells! Thank you, too, for caring about my comfort, and for being willing to walk this path with me. It takes courage. This past week has been so much easier for me than the past few years—and I extend to you both credit and deep, deep gratitude. There is proof in my healthfulness that there are alternatives in this complicated world of medicine and healing—and I am blessed to have found them. Do the new chapters of my life now start with each breath? Absolutely. Each breath in each moment."

"Dr Bob and Kipp, what can I say? One word: Splendid. Two words: Simply splendid. Thank you both for providing me with safety, and magic, and with an environment where I can just heal. It has been a long “journey” (that word is for Kipp). I am so much better and feeling so much healthier than I did three months ago...and, I am deriving great pleasure out of not wincing. I love the freedom of movement. I just love it!

I wish you both a tremendously wonderful week, weekend—and life. From someone who wasn’t given much of a chance of survival a few years ago, I can honestly say this: It’s kind of nice still being here—in a different body, in a different space, in a different time. Who knew?"

"Dr Bob…I can’t explain the lightness I feel right now; except maybe energy travels quickly. I came back to work and put up a sign that reads: “It’s All Energy!” Next, I rarely, if ever, go barefoot, unless I am swimming and going to and from a pool…so…tonight? I’m walking in the grass…and, I just might stay there for just a bit.

And, I meant what I said: I can never, ever repay you for the safety that you have given me that is allowing me to heal—and the treatments and tools? Priceless. To be able to trust both you and Kipp with my safety, and my healing? It is something that I can’t possibly put into words and have them make any sense. I am blessed. Thank you."

"Bob, Thank you for making it possible for me to experience life. I could not have gotten here without your help and guidance. Energy is flowing through my arms and hands now. Was able to do some upper body work at the gym yesterday. This morning I had a vision of a dove flapping its wing in front of me. It then went through my head into my chest. The heat of the wings (which I could hear) came into the rhythm of my heart beat. It felt very peaceful. My neck and back are doing fine. Thanks again and God Bless."

"Dr. Ratzow, During the past year we shared a patient involved in a motor vehicle accident, and I wanted to "Thank you" for your support in her recovery and of our clinic!"

"Dear Dr. Bob, Thank you for your kindness!"

"Dear Bob, I appreciate the quality, integrity and all around excellent service you provide. Thank you, and all the best for the coming year."

"Many thanks for all your care, kindness, and support."

"Dear Dr. Robert, Thanks for all the TLC!"

"Dear Bob and Kipp, Thank you for your patient and cheerful encouragement, therapy, and always, healing energy. We appreciate you so much!"

"What a precious gift you are to my body, my soul, my understanding. You are the gift to us and yourself."

"Thank you for being such a good healer!"

"My life has been so much more enriched by our short visits. Have a great day. Much love and appreciation!"

"Dr. Bob, I really cannot imagine what my life would look like without you. And I don't want to."

"Bob, You are such a gift, we are glad to have found you!"

"Dr. Bob, We all appreciate you immensely. Thanks for all of your help and healing!"

"Let us live in Kindness. Thank you for the laughter!"

"Bob, I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me when I came in. I appreciate all the time you spent, it made it so much easier to release energy from the fall but also energy all the way back to the spring. It was a great comfort to find you as a newbie to Portland too. I'm sure I will return for more care."

"Thank you for partnering with us to deliver hope and better health to your patients. Your dedication to your patients, your compassion for healing, and your friendship and trust are valued and appreciated by everyone."

"Thank you Bob!"

"Dr. Bob, Thanks for keeping our dancers in "line"!" - Oregon Ballet Theater

"Bob, Thank you for your willingness to be a channel for healing. Your hands have helped me so much as we move chunks of energy to their appropriate places. I am in much less pain as a result of you work, your commitment and your love. May gentleness follow you always!"

"Dr. Bob, You are the wisest and most serene and peaceful person I know! Thank you for sharing your sweet light with me!"

"Dear Bob, You are such a great healer and presence on this planet. Enjoy the light as it returns to this sweet earth."

"Dr. Bob, Thank you so much for your support and love and compassion through these difficult times. I love you for it!"

"Hi Bob, I think you got it! Started feeling relief after walking and throughout the evening. Just a small tingling, if needed, I'll call next week. Thank you!"

"Dear Dr. Ratzow, I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the ballet this season. The dancers love your work and I appreciate the time you give to them." -Oregon Ballet Theater

"Dear Bob, A million "thank you's" for your warmth, generosity, and wonderful healing powers. I'm so happy to have met you, you have truly kept me on my feet and helped make my first season (with the Oregon Ballet Theater) successful. Thank you again!"

"Dr. Bob and Kipp, thank you for your time and grace yesterday. I have learned to measure the quality of care, in this post-cancer life of mine, by whether or not I feel better leaving an office than when I walked in. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. I felt much better leaving than when I entered—I was free of discomfort.

I am not sure anyone can identify with chronic discomfort and pain, unless they are experiencing it, or have experienced it, or they have been close enough to another individual to be able to understand it. It’s difficult at times. Add to that a post-cancer lifestyle where vigilance ensures sustainability (sounds like an advertisement for a landfill)—and, someone who refuses to stop working, no matter what—and you get a minefield of sorts. That’s how I look at it. Some days, it’s hard to cross that field by myself; it just is. Thank you both for trying to help me navigate—in comfort.

With highest regards and gratitude!" 

"Dr Bob, thank you for yesterday’s appointment. For me to have reached the point where I could have my back adjusted—it’s all quite miraculous. I feel wonderful. I love having freedom of movement. I love being comfortable and happy.

You are truly a healer. I believe this with all of my heart."

"Dr Bob, thank you for your continued support of the choices I have made regarding my health and wellness, and thank you for your willingness to walk this path with me. I am always comforted, and amazed, by your limitless, quiet strength, and your ability to render care and healing."

"Dr Bob, thank you for your time and consideration on Tuesday afternoon—and, for my treatment. You are amazingly gifted, kind, and supportive. Sometimes, words just can’t capture the healing that occurs in your office; in your presence. I am blessed to have been guided to your care—and, not a day goes by that I don’t recognize that you could have turned me away following our first visit, but you didn’t."

"Dr Bob and Kipp,

I’ve probably said this before, but just in case I haven’t emphasized it enough—I want both of you to know how much I appreciate you, not only for your skills and kindness (with some definite magic thrown into the mix), but for your courage and resolve. Neither one of you hesitated to accompany me on my “walk” with cancer. Neither one of you questioned my choices. Neither one of you. In fact, neither one of you has ever failed to show me that you are committed to my care and healing and wellbeing; that you are committed to strengthening me—on so many levels. Such grace.

…and today? Today? I got to lay on my stomach—and have a massage! Two months ago, I got to give and receive hugs—without wincing! One month ago, I learned the importance of walking barefoot. These are wonderful things for me to experience—and thank you both, so much, for not only helping me achieve these goals, but for letting me share them with you. I’ve even gotten to sit under a huge tree and breathe the clouds away…I’ve gotten to experience what it’s like to move pain and discomfort…I have discovered what it is like to feel supported with my health and wellness. Thank you so much. I am just so happy at this precise moment."

"Dr Bob, I am deeply humbled by your strength, and by the depths of your skills, experience, and knowledge. With me, you have been focused—every single visit has been focused on my wellness and healing, both physical and spiritual. And, once again, I don’t know what to say, except thank you; thank you for walking this incredibly challenging path with me and for not trivializing my feelings; thank you for recognizing that some days are better for me than others. I continue to strive for that balance where joy and fearlessness can live together peacefully—without discomfort."

"Dear Dr. Ratzow and Kipp,

I wanted to to tell the two of you how much I appreciate all of your time and attention through my recovery from my car accident. Your skill and expertise made all the difference in my healing. Many thanks for all you have done for me. I hope all is well."

"Dr Bob, thank you for your kindness yesterday and for your incredible skills as a dedicated healer. You were so careful with me, so focused, and I trust you implicitly. I can’t thank you enough for your steadfast courage and compassion."

"Dr Bob, thank you for your time and energy yesterday. I always feel wonderful when I leave your office—and, two inches taller. Your kindness and consideration, the respect that you extend to me with each visit? I am profoundly grateful that you are such a major part of my health and wellness team. I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season. Simply joyous."

"Dr Bob, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been visiting with you since April. When I first came to see you, my goal was to be able to hug without having to figure out the best way to stand or lean or reach. I wanted to hug my son, just hug my son without having to think about it. I can do that now; and, I can hug anyone I so choose—without discomfort. We’ve shared a lot of hugs, and tears (mine), and healing (yours)…and, I have learned so much from you about breathing and visualizing and “staying in the moment”, which remains a very big challenge. Thank you for walking this path with me throughout 2014, and for never once being afraid of me…for never once refusing to treat me, a cancer patient who chose a different route for “recovery”. Three years. No evidence of disease. One year from now, it will be four. Then five. We’ll go the distance. (I said that with one great, big breath.)

I wish you and your family a glorious holiday…simply glorious, and I’ll let you know my test results on Friday or Monday. Thank you for letting me share these with you."

"Dr Bob and Kipp, thank you for your kindness today. I am blessed by your grace. I will see both of you next year! And, I just have to say this again…and again…I can’t thank you enough for providing me with not only healing, but safety. Not everyone understands this. You always have."

"Dr Bob, thank you for your kindness and consideration today, and for the healing—the warmth. I sit in awe of your strength, and your ability to know what to say and what to do, at just the right moment. The healers on this journey of mine? Pretty doggone perfect. I have learned so much. Not once have you sat in judgment of me.

I will let you know how Thursday goes. No matter what, you have respected my choices; you have honored them. This has meant the world to me. You, Kipp, Andy—you have all done everything in your power to bring me peace and healing. I know this."