Please note:  For everyone's safety if you have fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, or any other symptoms please cancel your appointment. When you come in come alone if possible, come at the time of your appointment (not early), if there is someone in the waiting room please stay in the hall until they leave, WEAR A MASK. We are fully compliant with the CDC Covid healthcare regulations and we ask you to be also - thanks.

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To My Esteemed Patients:


     As I approach my 71st birthday in October and after 33 years of practice the time for retirement has arrived. While I still have my energy and health there are some things left to do outside of work that are calling to be done. I know you all understand this and will arrive at a similar point in your own lives sooner or later.


    Know that I do, have, and always will treasure the interactions I’ve had with you all through the years and that, at least for me, those interactions were of a deeper quality than just simply business. Seeing some of you grow from youngsters to adults with toddlers of your own has been a real treat (even though it reminds me of my age) and the relationships we’ve formed have been a gift and a blessing. So thank you for all you have given me.


    In a more practical vein, in order to expedite and uncomplicate the transition, I will be going to cash transactions only for all procedures starting in mid-October – if I bill insurance beyond that the turnaround will drag into next year. You will be given a superbill/receipt and we will send a record of your payment to your insurance company who will reimburse you directly. I hope this will not be too much of an inconvenience. The office will be closed the last ten days or so of December so I can vacate the premises by month’s end. My web site and Gmail will remain up for a time beyond that.


    I will spend my time in the yard/garden, doing home projects, traveling, hiking, back packing, car camping, golfing, reading, maybe writing another book (if you haven’t read my original yet it’s titled: The Song of Ooloni – the revised edition will be available from Amazon by December I hope), and relaxing (a little).


    In parting, I hope you all find joy, peace and fulfillment in your lives. Remember to be truthful and kind to yourself and others, only what is true is real – and it eases your way considerably. If we all serve the greatest good we all flourish. Be genuine and cultivate friendships and relations with an open heart and you will not be alone when hard times inevitably call. Peace and health to you all.

With utmost affection,

Dr. Bob 


For those of you seeking a new chiropractor I can safely say that no two of us work exactly alike but I have no reservations in referring you to Dr. Simon Aggar for your needs if you haven't been able to find someone through other means. His office is located at 2705 E. Burnside #100, Phone 503 236 1304. Be well.